Thursday, October 16, 2008

Toyota could we have the new Avanza please.

So we are all set to recieve a facelifted new innova but is that what we want.It want be suprising if even some toyota guys would have been happier if toyota instead focussed on launching the avanza here rather than giving a fresh lease of life to the innova.

The innova version 1.00 was no beauty queen and the facelift[expected by december 2008] has actually ended up being a joke,trying to project a van as a racecar.How concerned is a person looking for utility with how sporty his car looks like.A person looking for an SUV certainly would not head towards the Toyota showroom even now.

What we need instead is something which would be ore cheaper and at the same time offer utility[qualis].Ok the qualis is far too outdated but the avanza surely that fits the bill.Yes toyota don't have a diesel engine yet for it but surely something could be done on that count.

Toyota must have got enough feedback by now to realise the need for a qualis replacement.Hopefully they act now.

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Anonymous said...

A SUV which is comfortable as innova, stylish and economically affordable to the average Indian middle class...hope this one satisfies all....we should be patient enough to wait for AVANZA in our roads..!!