Thursday, March 13, 2008

Coming soon-The Toyota Corolla Altis

So far Skoda has had a dream run in India but here's something which could seriously put and end to all that.There has been no real rival as such when it came to the D-segment cars[diesel].Yes the Optra magnum but brand Skoda seems to be too much stronger than GM as far as customers are concerned.

However all this could change because the Toyota Corolla Altis could be here very soon[remember a top official at Toyota had hinted an April Launch even] .The new corolla has been launched in most of the south east asian countries as the Corolla Altis and it looks like it could be the same for the Indian Markets too.What they have not got so far is the D4D engines which could very well come to India since Toyota knows more than you and me that there is huge potential for the diesel engine in India.It is precisely this engine which could give sleepless nights to Skoda since this car has the potential to even win over Skoda laura rivals forget the Octavia.
The Corolla Altis will get HID headlights,Rain sensing wipers,A multi information Display,Cruise control.Its how long the diesel engine would take to come here which may very well decide if the Altis is launched here by april or august[which I think is the worst case scenario].The only disappointment as such is that Toyota is most likely to leave out the Dual VVT-i engines for markets like ours.The existing engine could be tweaked a bit more as far as the petrol engine is concerned for the Altis.

So should Honda be worried,if the Diesel engine is launched in India then most definitely prospective Civic customers would move over to the Toyota camp and we will have a new leader in the segment ,else really speaking the Corolla[petrol] does not have that extra special ingredient which would help it overshadow the Civic.Without the diesel engine even Skoda would not be too worried.

So please Toyota do answer our prayers and get the D4D engines as well for the corolla.

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fas said...

This is fantastic news. The New Corolla looks like a Mini Camry and is much bigger then Skoda Laura in interior dimensions. It should give the Laura a run for its money. Also Toyotas service cost is much cheaper and service is better too.


rampal said...
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