Monday, March 24, 2008

Preferably don't buy these cars in 2008

If you have any plans to buy the Skoda fabia this year I suggest you wait for a year if resale value is important to you.VW [skoda's Parent company] say that they will lower costs of the Fabia by manufacturing the fabia at the chakan plan [while VW plan to delay their debut vehicle in India to 2010].Skoda have already done this with the Laura where later on they launched cheaper models which severely affected resale value of the cars which were already sold.I came across one such Laura owner who says he lost close to 6-7 Lakhs in resale value in just an 8 month old car.

However I must add that nothing wrong with Skoda cars,infact the Octavia[Laura as we know it here] has just been voted the best car in the UK for the second consecutive year.Octavia[Laura in India] drivers are the most satisfied lot in terms of reliability,build quality,running costs and ease of driving.Skoda beat rivals like Honda,Toyota,BMW,Mercedes for the second consecutive year.The Fabia too should be more or less on these lines and will definitely not disappoint you. If the car is going to be with you for a long time or you are not bothered about resale value please do go ahead with your purchase decision.

But the case with the cars I discuss next is a bit different.In these cars you will see a major revamp pretty soon.

1>.The first car in the list is the present Toyota corolla which is currently one generation behind its main rival the Honda civic.It is confirmed that you will get the next generation in India in 2008[maybe a diesel option as well].

2>.The next car in the list is the Honda city.You can see pretty much the push both the company as well as dealers are giving to increase sales since a major revamp of the Honda city is expected by the end of the year[2008].You will be left with a model which would be one generation behind in just a matter of few months.

Now I go back to the title I say preferably because you could also take advantage of this situation since all the above mentioned cars are great cars as well and dealers would be pushing for sales by adding incentives for you to buy these cars.But yes you must be ready to accept the fact that you will be driving an outdated model soon.

If you ask me what is the best alternative at this moment ,well I suggest the Hyundai Verna CRDi.It is a relatively safe bet and a good car with good mileage[FE.].In case of a petrol car I suggest the Maruti SX4.I don't expect any drastic change very soon to either of the two.The Toyota Corolla is not in the C segment and its alternative would be the Honda Civic which too should not see anything drastic soon.

Update 1:
In the don't buy list I am adding the Skoda octavia,for reasons please refer to this post,Next generation Skoda Octavia due in 2009 .Also the more modern VW jetta is expected soon.I would avoid the Laura too for the moment since a price correction could be possible but I am not 100% sure and hence am not placing it in the don't buy list.Alternatives I suggest the Optra Magnum.

Update 2:

NDTV confirms launch of the next generation honda city by the end of the year[2008].

Update 3:
The hyundai getz is a car in the don't buy list since the all new I20 is expected by the year end.Search the post for more details.Alternative ford fusion diesel.

Update 4:
With competition expected to catch up with Toyota in the form of the mahindra ingenio and the tata Xover expect something drastic from Toyota,from talks of launching a cheaper UV to even discontinuing the present innova doing the rounds I suggest you go slow and postpone your buy.No alternative buys suggested for the moment.

Mahindra Renault Logan is a new addition to the list,a Facelifted model is expected soon.

Maruti to replace the alto with the A-star.

The don't buy cars list for 2008:
1>.Honda City
2>.Toyota Corolla
3>.Hyundai Getz
4>.Skoda Octavia
5>.Skoda Fabia
6>.Toyota Innova
7>.Mahindra Renaul Logan
8>.Maruti Suzuki Alto

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Sandeep said...

thanks a lot for that. i was planning to buy a City

indstocks said...

Thanks for the info

Praveen.M.G said...

Am planning for Mahindra Scorpio Mhawk, but as the hybrid is round the corner(?), does it make sense to wait for the hybrid or should I go ahead with M hawk, please help me to take decision.

Not sure abt the price gap b/w the Mhawk and the hybrid, if it going to be more than 1 lakh, then I better go for M hawk

Automobilindia said...

The biggest worry for me regarding the Hybrid is that in case of the initial batch you may more or less end up being the R&D for mahindra.Even Toyota had their initial hiccups with the prius.Now this is the gamble you must be ready to take if you are interested in the Hybrid[especially since this is a first for Mahindra].

Regarding pricing I can only speculate that it should mostly come within your budget requirement.

The hybrid should come with a 6 speed automatic transmission so if that is something that's important you will miss out with the mhawk.

I really can't take a call simply because I am not sure about the success/reliability of the Mahindra Hybrid atleast during its initial days.

Shabd said...

am planning to buy chevy optra magnum. your views?

Automobilindia said...

wait for the new corolla and then decide

Ram chandra said...

Which will be better Mahindra Scorpio MHawk (2.2) or Toyota Innova (2494 CC)?

Ram chandra said...

Which one would be a better choice Mahindra Scorpio MHawk (2179 CC) or Toyota innova (2494 CC)?

Anonymous said...

Nice brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.