Saturday, February 06, 2010

Lexus recall 2010

We all know how good the Toyota PR system works so much so that the Lexus recall is just going unnoticed and everybody is being given the impression that nothing is wrong.

Following Lexus models have been affected by the recall.
It includes the 2007-2010 Lexus ES350, 2006-2010 Lexus IS250 and 2006-2010 Lexus IS350.

The whole unintended acceleration incident started because of a Lexus crash remember:

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hyundai i20 launch on december 28th

Hyundai have decide to take the bull by its horns and inspite of the dull economy are going in for a car launch.However Hyundai arent taking the risk of discontinuing the getz for the i20 in the Indian market atleast.

Maruti too plan a new launch by early next year and it would be interesting to see how both of them are able to spark new interest in the automobile industry with the new launches.

Wile Hyundai plan to go only with a 1.4l petrol engine,maruti also plan a diesel engine for their hatchback which should give it an egde.Hyundai plan to launch the i20 at around the Rs.5.40 lakh price tag,now that is a pretty high price and looks a tad too overambitious.

Maruti still number one in the Indian Market

Maruti still being the number one choice amongst Indian consumers may come as a suprise but what was even more suprising is Hyundai not being able to emerge a winner in a single segment even.

Cars were rated best on the 10 factors , covering aspects such vehicle exterior, fuel economy, driving dynamics, engine power and transmission smoothness, driving safety, music system and air-conditioning.

Honda emerged the winner in the luxury segment with its civic and Toyota was able to wino the MUV segment with its innova.The maruti swift and the SX4 have won this particular title now for the second year in a row.

[the economictimes]

Saturday, October 25, 2008

New MPV from Toyota

As much as I have been harping on the need for a qualis replacement and the need for Toyota to bring the Avanza to the Indian market,a new vehicle has emerged and could very well fill into the gap left by the qualis.

The mpv although compact has a rather impressive 2750mm wheelbase and yes just as the innova can seat 8 passengers as well[ok leave out the term comfort].Do i see taxi operators already running towards their dealer for details.

Yes it is cheap and is being co-developed by Daihustu and Toyota for the Asean market.

However all this still does not mean much hope for us here in India.Hopefully production constraints and a diesel engine can be worked on and this MPV is not kept away frm the Indian markets.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Chevrolet u-va is here

Anybody heading to buy the chevrolet aveo be warned,your car is going to get outdated soon.The hatchback version has received a chevrolet family grill and a few additional features to better compete with the Hyundai i10[and perhaps even the i20].

The New U-VA comes with a number of additional interior and exterior features including:

Driver airbag and ABS system
Keyless entry with burglar alarm
A rear spoiler
Leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear knob
Split folding rear seats
Premium deco moulding on the instrument panel and door trims

This launch is on the back of the recent Tavera neo 2.0 launch.Which incidentally does not get the all important engine change.

Toyota could we have the new Avanza please.

So we are all set to recieve a facelifted new innova but is that what we want.It want be suprising if even some toyota guys would have been happier if toyota instead focussed on launching the avanza here rather than giving a fresh lease of life to the innova.

The innova version 1.00 was no beauty queen and the facelift[expected by december 2008] has actually ended up being a joke,trying to project a van as a racecar.How concerned is a person looking for utility with how sporty his car looks like.A person looking for an SUV certainly would not head towards the Toyota showroom even now.

What we need instead is something which would be ore cheaper and at the same time offer utility[qualis].Ok the qualis is far too outdated but the avanza surely that fits the bill.Yes toyota don't have a diesel engine yet for it but surely something could be done on that count.

Toyota must have got enough feedback by now to realise the need for a qualis replacement.Hopefully they act now.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hyundai India supressing workers

Hyundai India may be doing well when it comes to cars but look who has to pay the price of it.

The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, one of two umbrella labor groups in South Korea, accused Hyundai Motor Company of suppressing the activities of unionized workers at its subsidiary in India.

The KCTU also criticized the South Korean government for preventing two union officials at the India plant from traveling to South Korea, saying it is blocking the union’s activity to engage in international exchange.

Wonder why suck things slip from the Indian media.Anyways here's the article :
The Hankyoreh